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In 2006, I started working on Lopez Landscaping after a customer, Ron Prasse, a member of an Arkansas country club where I worked, encouraged me to create my own landscaping business. As someone who was always fascinated by nature, art and engineering, a landscaping business seemed the perfect way to combine all three.

I started from the ground up with mowing Ron's yard. Almost immediately, his neighbors asked if I could also mow and maintain their yards. I was in a quandary because I didn't have the equipment required to do everything they needed me to do. Once again Ron stepped in and said I could use his tools.

Time passed and the business grew. I was able to purchase my own equipment and started studying other areas of landscaping. I learned about sprinkler systems, flood-control, landscaping and hardscaping. As the business continued to grow, I hired hard-working employees to help me transform all of my knowledge and my clients' requests into reality.

If you really put your heart into a business like this and if you love it, you will create art. The greatest pleasure for me is to start with a blank canvas and change your living space into a living paradise. Together we can convert your yard, your courtyard, any or all of your outdoor living space, into an oasis where you can create lasting memories with family and friends.

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